Engagement: Peter & Abi

While I was in Japan I got to share half a desk with Abi; she and Seth made me sit at the crack! We got to talk quite a bit while we worked, and through our conversation I learned what a beautiful soul she is. She cares deeply about people and loves God with her whole heart. She is also a very hospitable person and helped make the interns feel welcomed and comfortable a world away from what they were used to.

So I knew Peter had to be someone special too, and he is! He is funny and kind, and together they make a wonderful couple. Hanging out with them for a couple hours to shoot was full of laughter and joy for the journey they are taking. 

Spencer & Brittony: Engagement

Spencer & Brittony: Engagement

Hanging out with Spencer and Brittony for the evening was a fantastic time. We loosely chose a few locations we knew we would like to go to during the shoot and just let the wind take us. We got to do a mix of shots they wanted and what I would like to do; I really appreciated their flexibility and willingness to just have fun. 

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