Engagement: Nathan and Bekah

It was cold. Very cold. Colder than I thought it would be. That was the day Nathan and Bekah got engaged. Nathan asked me to be the hidden photographer when he asked Bekah to marry him. It was a fun day leading up to the engagement because I saw Bekah that afternoon, and she, of course, had no idea that I knew what was going down. I hurried out to Center Lake that evening to hunker down behind a tree to set myself up. I am sure they took longer than Nathan said they would be, though it could have been that the cold even slowed time down. 

Needless to say, regardless of the cold, the whole thing went off without a hitch. Almost. I did learn that I need to slow down and do everything properly. For example getting a picture of the couple and a picture of the ring. Pretty basic steps, but I had to learn them somehow.