Proposal: Ben & Kristen

The day before Valentine's day I had the honor of photographing Ben asking his girlfriend to be his wife. Spoiler: she said yes! 

Ben was my RA (Resident Assistant) at Grace College my freshman year. All of us on his hall agree that he is by far the best RA we will every have. He always pushed us to be better men, to have better attitudes, and to seek God. Ben was always honest and real with us because he knew that much of leadership is leading by example. One of my favorite memories of Ben happened when a bunch of guys on my hall, including me, were complaining about all of the homework we had to do. He simply wrote down a Bible reference on a piece of paper on it and handed it to us. Curious, we looked it up and it spoke against complaining. We stopped complaining and we are better for it. 

To Ben's greater credit he started a Bible study with the same guys who were on his hall the following year. He loved how our hall had grown together and realized the potential in keeping us together had. He diligently kept the Bible study going all year; another great example of the man and leader Ben is. 

Congratulations, Ben and Kristen! I know God will bless your marriage!