Proposal: Josiah & Emma

I love proposals! The deep promise of love and commitment accompanied by the giddiness of the momentous occasion. I've been a part of a couple in the past (here and here) and luckily this past Saturday afternoon I got to see two of my best friends do just that. Saturday was the only day this past week scheduled to be a warm (er) day in the 50s. Josiah and I woke up that morning to see it raining outside. Not a good sign for an outdoors engagement. But we went with it. We found Ziploc bags to put the cards he had written her in and everything was perfect. As the couple were having lunch our friend Brittony and I rushed to set up the engagement. Josiah and I planned to tack the cards to the trees and to a wooden bridge to create a trail to the last card which would be the proposal. Easy, right? Not when it's pouring and cold. By the time Brittony and I were satisfied with the cards' locations we were soaked and could barely move our fingers. So we waited. And waited. They took a long time to come up the trail. I'll let you just see the pictures but suffice to say it was perfect and she said yes! Below are the pictures I captured for them. They are adorable, of course, and especially because I know them so well. Without further ado, Josiah and Emma!