Warsaw City Hall Show: "Mexico"

I graduated college two weeks ago. This is fact rather than pride because it means that I have to get busy on "real life." During my senior show a couple months back, the mother of one of my friends approached me about coming to the show. The only thing she told me at that point was that she wrote for the Warsaw Times-Union and wondered if she could do an interview with me. Of course I said yes! She came to my show, and during the time she was there she asked if I was interested in displaying some of my photography at the Warsaw City Hall. Of course I said yes!

She particularly liked the photographs I took in Mexico, and since they were my favorite too I decided to make the theme of the show Mexico. Since there was no way I could shoot new material for the show I had to go back into my archives to try and find a set of photographs that would work together. In Mexico, both the architecture and people are beautiful so I knew I wanted to have a balance of both. I included a mini series from when I went to the market with my mom one day in Mexico. It was an exercise in street photography, which resulted in three photographs I was particularly happy with. They reveal new things about Mexico, often contrary to common stereotypes. 

I also included two photographs from my Mexican Immigrants series. While these were not shot in Mexico they are an important part of Mexico and the United States' modern history. In 2013, Hispanic and Latino people were the second largest demographic in Kosciusko County, where Warsaw is located. (Source)

The main point I want to leave people with is that everyone has a rich heritage, both Mexicans and Americans. However, it is up to each one of us to decide where we take our heritage to change the world for the better. 

The show is up now and will be up until I leave for Japan, sometime in July. If you are not able to make it, below is a photograph of the show. I would appreciate it if you commented if you stopped by to see it!