Graduate: Mike

Tomorrow my brother graduates from high school! I do not know where the time has gone since he is still a 10th grader in my mind! Over Christmas I had the privilege of shooting my brother's high school graduation pictures. My brother has a very quirky sense of humor, thus the suit-and-tie tee, not something I would have chosen! We had a good time shooting on a hill right outside our house in Mexico. I had him climb on top of some of the big boulders at the top of the hill with his bass. It was windy that day which added an extra element of fun! I am very proud of my brother. He has been accepted to engineering school Trine University in Indiana to pursue a degree in computer engineering. Good luck, bro! 


I also designed his graduation announcements and invitations, which you can see below. It was good to be able to do both the photography and the design for this project.