In Japan!

Hi! This is my first official blog post and update for my Japan trip! I had quite an uneventful flight over. Since I flew west from Toledo I kept up with the daylight so time seemed to move really slowly. I'm not even sure how long it has been since I left, otherwise I would figure out how long I've gone with only three hours of sleep. I did have the idea of looking for celebrities while in LA but all the terminals are separated by buses. It was too time consuming to go everywhere so I just went back to my gate. 

The flight from LA to Tokyo was long, but I was not prepared for how boring it was! The food was ok; they fed us three times. I watched three and a half movies over the course of the 11 hour flight, none of which I'd watched before. I was particularly happy that the new Cinderella was available. Once I landed, immigration and customs went by like a breeze, much different than trying to get into Mexico. I had a little time so I did a currency exchange where I was made to fill out a bunch of paperwork. The man behind the counter took counting money very seriously. 

Now I am waiting for the taxi man to come back after picking up other passengers. In the lobby there is a TV crew with reporter interviewing a white guy (is that politically correct?). I don't want to be interviewed. 

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for me on this trip already! I so appreciate it; I know Father's already working before I even got here.