Week 1 in Japan!

As of this morning I have been in Japan for 1 week. It has been a really good week of acclimation to the Japanese way of life and getting used to my schedule as a whole. Over the past weekend I hung out with a kid’s camp and photographed their activities as part of my job. This included going on a hike with them, going bike riding, and zip lining! I also got started on sketching icon ideas for Northstar’s new website.

NORTHSTAR (N*) is truly an international place and it has been really neat to get to know lots of new cultures. My roommate for two weeks is Japanese. There are three other American interns, three French interns, and N*'s full time staff includes Americans and Japanese. Even though communication is not always 100% effective it is fascinating to learn how to communicate cross-culturally.

One of the most important things I have learned and realized so far is the desperate lack of Christians in Japan. On Tuesday nights N* hosts a Bible study and worship time for its staff and the local Christians. It was amazing that out of the 11 adults there was only one Japanese person there who was not directly affiliated with N*. How precious is each Christian in Japan! In the States, especially coming from Grace College, I took my Christian friends for granted, since I had plenty! But here each person is hard won soul. This Japanese Christian had the gospel presented to her many years ago and it was only recently that she believed.

Thanks to all who have been praying for me during this time of adjustment. Please also pray for Japan and for the Christians in the country. And do not forget to be thankful for the God-fearing people in your life. 

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