Wedding: Caleb & Dani Day

Some of you may remember my very first blog post, about the first couple I had photographed for their engagement. I could call this coming full circle as it has been just over a year since I did that shoot, and now I get to talk about their wedding! So Caleb and Dani must have had a lot of trust in me because even after their engagement pictures they asked me to shoot their wedding. And I was more than happy to say yes! 

Caleb and Dani are one of the most laid back couples which made them such a pleasure to work with. They made the wise decision to shoot their family, wedding party, and couple photographs before the ceremony in order to be able to focus on their reception. 

Caleb wrote to me about how they initially got together and ended up getting married. One of my favorite parts is this: "A huge snow storm hit our area and everyone got snowed in. Dani asked for my help to get her vehicle out. We shoveled for 20 minutes, then she decided to throw a shovel of snow into my face. I retaliated by picking her up and throwing the shovel out of reach. We flirted like that for hours and it was then I realized....Holy crap I am in love."

They are a blessing to be around, and I know they will bring a lot of joy wherever they go. Best wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Day!