More Ceramics!

Remember my last post about ceramics? It has been about three weeks since that post, and in the meantime the mug that I shot was fired and glazed and fired again. I glazed the mug in safe colors, mostly blues and greens. Glazing is kind of like painting where you just paint the glaze directly on the mug and give it several coats. But the glazes do not always look like what they end up being. Blues start out as a dull grey and some greens start out brown. Once they are fired though... SO pretty. Below is a picture from my phone of the mug with the final glaze. Colors are over-saturated a bit, but is a decent rendition. Below that is a lidded pot for the same class. Feel free to share your comments below! 

Ceramic Mug with Glaze
Ceramic Lidded Pot with Glaze