Photography in Colonial Puebla, Mexico

The Christmas of 2013 was crazy (remember Snowpocalypse around New Years?). I arranged for my flight to Mexico to see my family to end in Puebla City instead of Oaxaca City where we live. My family was there for my brother's school testing so we thought we would squeeze in some site-seeing. 


Puebla is a marvelous city, one of the oldest in Mexico. Much of its original colonial architecture survives to this day but it contrasts with the increasing industrialization that the factories have brought with them. In fact, one of the largest Volkswagen plants is in Puebla. My family stayed in a quaint little hotel called El Hotelito (The Little Hotel) a few blocks from the zocalo, or main square. We stayed in the city for a couple nights so we saw both the city in all of its glory during the day and then all of its cheerful Christmas spirit at night. We ate tacos for dinner and basked in the warmth that Mexico so wonderfully affords. 

We stayed in the general downtown area exploring the several churches and cathedrals as well as various artisan shops and markets. Puebla is known for its tiles and ceramics, known as talavera. They can be seen everywhere, from the floors of restaurants to the outsides of buildings to the very plates you eat off of.  

Puebla is a beautiful city, and if you ever get the chance to visit I highly encourage it! Click or tap through the gallery below and leave a comment!